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Reasons for LED damages
2015-08-02 14:47:40

LED lighting has been basically promoted and mainly used in commercial and household illumination . As to the reason that causes the damage of LED, it is because the inner part of LED chip is injured by current. The specific reasons are as following:

1. The voltage rises suddenly. There are many factors that lead to the rise of voltage, such as the quality of power supply or the misemploy of the users;

2. Partially cutting-out of the LED circuit caused by the short cut of some components or wires will rise the voltage;

3. The cutting-out caused by its own quality may transfer the voltage to the other LEDs;

4. Extremely high inner temp. will deterioratev the specialitiesof LEDs;

5. The cutting-out will come into being when the light is filled with water;

6. Even though the LED light is working under the normal voltage and current, the internal part is also damaged because of the imperfection of anti-static preperation.

As a result of the above reasons, the current will rise and the LED chip will be burnt due to the high temp. in conventional practice, there are two situations when one LED is burnt: firstly, it has very slight impact on other LEDs and drivers, but the burnt one will not work; another situation is that the cutting-out will make other LEDs burn because of the high current, besides, the power supply will also be damaged. So in a word, it is very important and essential to protect the LEDs. Core strength / core force